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Jan. 14th, 2019 08:27 am
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 Not being creepy enough, threatening people too much?  Wednesday may threaten to kill you, but I won't! :D 

Leave a message here if you have any concerns, questions, quibbles, complaints. All replies are screened and anon should be on.
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 [Now that her room is somewhat presentable, Wednesday has been doing what most little girls do when they find themselves in a strange town.

Okay maybe that isn't true. You can find her in a few places though.

a. In school, sitting by herself. Either making a threat or other dark comment if a drone tries to ask her something stupid....or normal.

b. She seems to have fallen on the sidewalk due to the ice. Help her pick up her sketch book and papers that have fallen everywhere?  That are no way covered in horrible, terrifying drawings?

c.  Staring inside the pet-shop. Someone told her she could buy a pet spider here.]
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 [A young girl and a woman with a cane are taking apart your car. Yes, yours. Are you going to yell at them? Ask what the hell they are doing? Chase them away with a stick? We'll you might want to do something soon if you want to keep your car intact.

Poster order you-Theta-Wednesday]
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 [Family you may notice that Wednesday has been out an about the past few days. And if you venture into her room you will find a skull sitting on the bookshelf and a shovel to the side. Also most everything terrifying/pink has been hidden away.]

Does anyone one know where I can buy black paint and fabric?

[A, Knocking on the door of the house next door. Aka: 507 Ricardo Street. She's looking for that strange kid who helped her dig up Homer.

B. Carrying a stop sign down the street.

C. At the library, asking if you know where the history section is.]
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 [Wednesday does not scare easily. And considering she adored things that most people would run away screaming from. ....It is not a good sign she spent a few moments pressed against the wall in utter terror this morning. So, much pink....and frills.

After a while though she'll manage to gather herself together and pull apart the room in search of anything decently wearable before going out of her room ....and finding the pictures.

This. Is. Not. Her. Family. Hey Mayfield. Have a young girl's cool and emotionless voice on the phone.]

My name is Wednesday Addams and I would like to be connected to the Addams Family Residence.

Or the police. I seem to have been kidnapped. 

[Housemates can find her wandering around the house with a knife in her hands. She's looking at some horror and disgust at the various things in the house.

Other people can find her looking around outside. She still has the knife and is wearing the darkest clothes she could find.]


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